Four years after suffering heartbreak at the hands of Team Canada in the gold medal game of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, all America wanted was another shot.

We got it, and it went wide.

I began my plea for belief by asking Americans to abandon reason, foresight, and logic because reasonable, logical foresight led to the conclusion that Canada would win. I used reasonable, logical foresight when I predicted Canada would win gold.

Throughout the game, the Canadians were faster than the Americans. Canada’s passing was crisp, while the US had trouble connecting tape to tape. For most of the second period, the Americans looked like they were just trying to keep up, while Canada dictated play with a textbook offensive zone cycle that exhausted America’s defenders and opened up plenty of room for Canada’s big, speedy forwards.

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Well That Was Embarrassing

Wow guys. Remember way back in the day when I predicted that this Super Bowl was going to be considered the greatest of all time and that the Broncos would win a hard fought battle and solidify their legacy as the greatest offense of all time? Man things were crazy two days ago. I honestly was not planning on writing a follow up to that article because who would honestly care? But I made a lot of predictions that not only did not happen, but were the exact opposite of what actually happened.

I call this picture “Right After the 2nd Half Kickoff”

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