Harvard Crimson: Another Upset Brewing?


For the third straight year, it appears that Harvard (22-4, 9-1) will make the tournament, allowing experts a unique opportunity to trot out the same lame jokes about the Crimson Nerds. Laugh it up, because evidently, brains win games. Last year the Ivy’s best sent 3-seed New Mexico home in the round of 64.

The Ivy does not have a conference tournament, simply sending the regular season champion or playoff tiebreaker winner to the dance. As a result, Harvard likely needs to beat rival Yale one more time – in either their March 7th showdown at Yale or in a one game playoff – to gain the automatic birth to the NCAA Tournament. Continue reading


The Green Bay Phoenix: A Potential Cinderella?

Potential Cinderella: The Green Bay Phoenix

The Phoenix (21-5, 11-2) have been waiting for their turn to dance. Last season, Green Bay was seconds away from meeting Wright State in the Horizon League Championship game, before Valparaiso hit a buzzer beating three to break the Phoenix heart. But this year seems different.

Fresh off completing a dominating sweep of second place Cleveland State,  the Phoenix can virtually wrap up the Horizon regular season with a win Thursday, which will grant them an automatic birth in the conference tournament semi-finals and home-court advantage throughout. Assuming they win the tournament – or get an unlikely at-large birth – the Phoenix have a roster that can make some tournament noise. Maybe even second weekend noise.

The Good

Senior Alec Brown has tallied 1,600+ points and bagged more than 750 rebounds in his Phoenix career. A 7’1 senior who shoots 42% from beyond the arc, Brown is equally comfortable stretching the defense or going to work in the paint. Futhermore, his 3.1 blocks per game is a full block per game more than anybody else in the Horizon League. A good finish to the season, especially in the NCAA Tournament, would help Alec Brown earn an NBA draft selection in June. However talented, Brown is not even the go to player for the Phoenix.

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A Fall From Grace: Los Angeles Lakers Edition

What happened Los Angeles? You used to be sexy.  I mean really sexy.  Like the hot girl who sat at the popular kids table and ignored me throughout high school kinda sexy.  I mean you had it all: the best basketball player in the world, the Zen Master at the helm, and the king of courtside celebrities mean mugging opposing coaches through his classic shades.

Even Spike Lee made a movie called Kobe Doin’ Work

You also had a Kardashian, but nobody’s perfect.  Now though, Jesus, what happened? The 2010-2011 season wasn’t that bad. Sure, you got swept by the Mavericks, but finishing 57-25 record, and adding another Pacific Division title is only an off year by extreme standards.   I mean it’s insanely difficult to three-peat in any sport and Dirk Nowitzki definitely sacrificed a first born or two to the basketball gods for that Championship title over the Heat.   Continue reading