I thought maybe waiting all day to finish this would take some of the edge off and let me put things in perspective. I was wrong:

Well, fuck me.

Look, this is hard, because I don’t want to be that guy calling out a team for a bad loss after a heartbreak like the one dealt to the players of Team USA by their North American brethren less than a full day before the shitshow we saw this morning, especially because I’ve never played in the NHL and easier said than done and if you can’t stand behind our boys feel free to stand in front of them, but the Americans simply should have played better, especially because their opponent was essentially in the exact same situation.

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Safety Not Guaranteed: Setting The Stage in Sochi

Every four years the world bears witness to an athletic event that is synonymous with excellence. The unrivaled showcase of the greatest competitors the human race has to offer. With every event, spectators from around the world hold their breath as the men and women wearing the colors of their homeland chase the promise of eternal glory. Then two years later the Winter Olympics happen and everyone is semi-interested but mostly confused.

“Wait is this a sport or are they just filming them

skiing to the event?”

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