A Fall From Grace: Los Angeles Lakers Edition

What happened Los Angeles? You used to be sexy.  I mean really sexy.  Like the hot girl who sat at the popular kids table and ignored me throughout high school kinda sexy.  I mean you had it all: the best basketball player in the world, the Zen Master at the helm, and the king of courtside celebrities mean mugging opposing coaches through his classic shades.

Even Spike Lee made a movie called Kobe Doin’ Work

You also had a Kardashian, but nobody’s perfect.  Now though, Jesus, what happened? The 2010-2011 season wasn’t that bad. Sure, you got swept by the Mavericks, but finishing 57-25 record, and adding another Pacific Division title is only an off year by extreme standards.   I mean it’s insanely difficult to three-peat in any sport and Dirk Nowitzki definitely sacrificed a first born or two to the basketball gods for that Championship title over the Heat.   Continue reading