Just Bid Baby: The Oakland Raiders Guide to Make the Most of Free Agency

It’s March, which means, according to science, you’ve inevitably given up on your New Year’s resolutions. Would you like another chance at a fresh start? Well, you’re in luck! March 11th marks the beginning of the NFL’s fiscal year, when contracts officially come off the books and the free agent process begins.  Teams will fight to get under the salary cap, re-sign star players and strategize their use of the franchise tag. Basically, it’s the GM’s time to shine.

For the Oakland Raiders, the last few New Years have failed as spectacularly as my resolution to quit crystal meth.  Coming off back to back 4-12 seasons, and navigating contract hell, the Raiders have been at the bottom of the NFL for years now. However, with shrewd maneuvering and some patience, GM Reggie McKenzie has managed to create a favorable salary cap situation, setting the Raiders up to be one of the most intriguing teams this offseason.

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A Fall From Grace: Los Angeles Lakers Edition

What happened Los Angeles? You used to be sexy.  I mean really sexy.  Like the hot girl who sat at the popular kids table and ignored me throughout high school kinda sexy.  I mean you had it all: the best basketball player in the world, the Zen Master at the helm, and the king of courtside celebrities mean mugging opposing coaches through his classic shades.

Even Spike Lee made a movie called Kobe Doin’ Work

You also had a Kardashian, but nobody’s perfect.  Now though, Jesus, what happened? The 2010-2011 season wasn’t that bad. Sure, you got swept by the Mavericks, but finishing 57-25 record, and adding another Pacific Division title is only an off year by extreme standards.   I mean it’s insanely difficult to three-peat in any sport and Dirk Nowitzki definitely sacrificed a first born or two to the basketball gods for that Championship title over the Heat.   Continue reading

2014 NFL Draft: Four Players To Get You Excited For Next Season

With the NFL season officially over, we get to the time of year that I love the most, the NFL draft process.  The Senior Bowl, the Combine, and even the Pro Days give hope to fans of shitty teams (GO RAIDERS!) that next year is the year things turn around.  This year’s draft class is as good and as deep as any, leaving many fans dreaming of a Chiefs-esque resurrection. Headlined by some of the biggest personalities that college football has ever seen, from Johnny Football to the freak of nature that is Jadeveon Clowney, the talent pool this year offers  a lot to get excited about. Personally though, I’m most intrigued by four players you haven’t heard much about.  Mind you this isn’t a list of the best prospects in the draft it’s just a list of my four favorites that are leaving the college ranks.  And in no particular order away we go:

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